Silom/Sathorn (Lumphini)

Silom/Sathorn (Lumphini): Interactive Map
Silom/Sathorn (Lumphini): Hotels
Montien Surawongse Hotel Bangkok Pan Pacific Hotel Bangkok Tawana Ramada Hotel Bangkok Dusti Thani Hotel Bangkok Evergreen Laurel Hotel Bangkok Pinnacle Lumphini Hotel Bangkok Sukhothai Hotel Bangkok Banyan Tree Bangkok Hotel Lower Sukhumvit (Convention Center) Map Siam Square/World Trade Center Map Silom/Sathorn (Riverside) Map
Area Map: Silom/Sathorn (Lumphini), Bangkok, Thailand
Hotel List
Hotel Name
Banyan Tree Bangkok Hotel
Dusit Thani Hotel Bangkok
Montien Surawongse Hotel Bangkok
Pan Pacific Hotel Bangkok
Pinnacle Lumphini Hotel Bangkok
Sukhothai Hotel Bangkok
Tawana Ramada Hotel Bangkok
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Siam Square/Central World Plaza, Upper Sukhumvit (Nana),
Lower Sukhumvit (Convention Center)
, Silom/Sathorn (Riverside)
Silom/Sathorn (Lumphini): Area Description

Silom and Sathorn Roads comprise the main business district area of Bangkok and are the location of most of its taller buildings. Sathorn Nua (North) and Sathorn Tai (South) are opposite sides of one street, separated by a small klong (canal). This eastern half of the Silom/Sathorn corridor we have designated "Lumphini", after Lumphini Park which dominates the top-right corner of our map above. The western half is dubbed "Riverside" for its proximity to the Chao Phraya which snakes along (and helps define) the western part of central Bangkok.

Central & Robinsons
These two department store chains, now with one and the same owner, are ubiquitous throughout Bangkok. There's one directly at the Sala Daeng skytrain station.

Eating & Drinking
O'Reilly's, Shenanigans, etc.
A host of Irish pubs are to be found in the area near and just off Silom near the Patpong Soi's.

Patpong 1, 2, and 4
Soi's 1 and 2 are the infamous red-light district. A few years back, they put a huge market (t-shirts, belts, watches, lighters, purses, shoes, etc.) in the center of the street dominating every square foot. It's pretty difficult if you simply want to go to the market - you can't avoid the touts. Once you've had your five minutes of curiosity here, head a couple soi's north. Patpong 4 is a packed, trendy soi for the (slightly) more mainstream. The latest music and hip crowds make this a great place for young Thai's and foreigners alike.

(Stations and lines in gray from left to right and/or top to bottom on the map above.)

Silom Line: (Sala Daeng and Chong Nongsi stations)
Completed in December of 1999, the Bangkok Skytrain glides above Bangkok's busy, busy streets quickly and relatively cheaply. The cars are new and modern and the system can whisk you quickly about in air-conditioned comfort - a must if you're out and about during rush hour, which is pretty much all day! We do have one gripe about the Bangkok Skytrain, however. For some reason, only a few of the stations have escalators to take you up to the stations some 60-70 feet overhead. On a typical, sizzling Bangkok afternoon this inexplicable oversight is certainly less forgivable as you stomp up the stairs. Still, this beats the old days of taking meterless taxis - now, all taxis have meters - through permanently clogged streets. • Copyright © 1997-2005 • All Rights Reserved