Silom/Sathorn (Riverside)

Silom/Sathorn (Riverside): Interactive Map
Silom/Sathorn (Riverside): Hotels
Area Map: Silom/Sathorn (Riverside), Bangkok, Thailand
Hotel List
Hotel Name
Bangkok Marriott Resort & Spa
Holiday Inn Silom Hotel Bangkok
(Formerly Crowne Plaza)
Mandarin Hotel Bangkok
Narai Hotel Bangkok
Oriental Hotel Bangkok
Peninsula Hotel Bangkok
Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel Bangkok
Sathorn Villa Hotel Bangkok
Shangri-la Hotel Bangkok
Sofitel Silom Hotel Bangkok
(Formerly Monarch Lee Gardens)
Tower Inn Hotel Bangkok
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Silom/Sathorn (Riverside): Area Description

This section of Silom/Sathorn is dominated by the Chao Phraya river, and the riverfront hotels of The Oriental, Royal Orchid Sheraton, Peninsula, and the Shangri-la. Further south down the river and just below the map lies the Bangkok Marriott Resort and Spa. At the northern edge of the map lies Bangkok's main railway station - Hua Lam Phong. To view both Silom/Sathorn maps (Lumphini and Riverside) together, please click here.

Oriental Plaza and River City
One lies next to the Oriental Hotel and the other is next to the Royal Orchid Sheraton. These two shopping areas specialize in higher priced fine art and antiques, but also more moderatily priced handicrafts and clothing. Though prices are high, the articles are more likely to be genuine. There are several nice restaurants here offering fine views of the river.

Markets/Street Stalls
There are numerous street stalls - similar to those on Upper Sukhumvit - offering a variety of very low-priced item (some of them knock-offs) on the small streets and alleys between The Oriental and the Royal Orchid Sheraton.

(Stations and lines in gray from left to right and/or top to bottom on the map above.)

Silom Line: (Sarasak and Saphan Taksin stations)
Completed in December of 1999, the Bangkok Skytrain glides above Bangkok's busy, busy streets quickly and relatively cheaply. The cars are new and modern and the system can whisk you quickly about in air-conditioned comfort - a must if you're out and about during rush hour, which is pretty much all day! We do have one gripe about the Bangkok Skytrain, however. For some reason, only a few of the stations have escalators to take you up to the stations some 60-70 feet overhead. On a typical, sizzling Bangkok afternoon this inexplicable oversight is certainly less forgivable as you stomp up the stairs. Still, this beats the old days of taking meterless taxis (now, all taxis have meters) through permanently clogged streets. • Copyright © 1997-2005 • All Rights Reserved

Mandarin Hotel Bangkok Oriental Hotel Bangkok Peninsula Hotel Bangkok Bangkok Marriott Spa & Resort Shangri-la Hotel Bangkok Sathorn Villa Hotel Bangkok Sofitel Silom Hotel Bangkok Narai Hotel Bangkok Crowne Plaza Hotel Bangkok Tower Inn Hotel Bangkok Silom/Sathorn (Lumphini) Map